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LOVE the beach and the OCEAN hence my love for all things TURQUOISE (you may have noticed!).

I ADORE making things beautiful and making BEAUTIFUL things. The daughter of an artist and a prima ballerina, I think CREATIVITY is just in my blood. I studied Product DESIGN at university and have always worked in the CREATIVE industry - advertising, marketing & design agencies and as an AWARD winning wedding makeup ARTIST. 

Finding UNIQUE, stylish and personalised artwork for our new HOME proved difficult and sparked a PASSION in me to create my own. Not only prints, but papercut and wooden items too - I loved that I could design, intricate one of a kind artwork AND make everything PERSONAL. This means that they also make FANTASTIC, heartfelt gifts - especially for those hard to buy for people that already have EVERYTHING! I'm excited to add different products, I never stop creating NEW things and love sharing them with you.

So why the NAME? Belle & Eve is named after our two cheeky daughters and the TAG LINE? Well, everything we do IS 'Made with LOVE' from our family to YOURS in our gorgeous BEACH home studio in South AUSTRALIA.

My (very) patient husband assists with any framing and packing of your ORDERS. And when our daughters are a little older, I'll be TRAINING them up with the wrapping and packaging too! Right now, they just want to EAT my sweeties (you'll find out what I mean when you get your ORDER!).


We can't WAIT to create & send off YOUR special personalised item for your HOME or LOVED one and make you SMILE - after all, that's our aim! And please leave us a review on our FACEBOOK page - we'd LOVE that (and you'll automatically be entered into our monthly draw too!). 

Love Celina x




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We pinky promise we will never EVER bug you.

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